I’ve spent at least four hours on the phone today and have spoken with half the people in India trying to get my kid’s Earthlink DSL working. The latest info I got about 20 minutes ago was to check back in 8 hours, which I will do first thing in the morning. If I don’t get it fixed by then, I’ll find a wifi place and go answer all the comments that have stacked up.
Foolishly, I left my Verizon broadband card at home since the kids had a DSL with a wireless router. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. Thank God for this Blackberry.

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  1. I never thought your blog would be where I vented about Earthlink. I was with them for 7 years. My final day with them, I was on the phone for EIGHT hours. I spoke to Indian and Chinese reps until I was crying. Finally, a guy whom I could hardly understand discovered the problem and fixed it. I cancelled that day. I used to call Earthlink the pig boys because they were so consistently inept. When the system was down, I informed them before they knew it at their end. Even the termination was like a cartoon. I wrote to the president of the company and, happily, it’s all ancient history now.
    I’m eagerly awaiting your comments about Fiber Menace.
    Hi marly–
    Were it my house and my service I would have already gotten rid of Earthlink.  But it’s the kids’ house and service so I’m stuck with it while I’m here.
    I read a bunch of Fiber Menace on the plane.  I haven’t found it to be very impressive.  It has many, many outright false statements along with some true ones.  Makes it hard to tell which is which unless you know the physiology involved. 
    I’ll review when I’m finished.  I should have been reading while I was on hold with the Earthlink people, but I was too steamed.


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