December 14

Pork Fat, The Perfect Gift: One Size Fits All


Looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for carnivore on your Christmas list? Look no further; here it is:

The Grateful Palate Bacon of the Month Club!

That’s right; it’s the Fruit of the Month Club for carnivores. A different artisanal porcine work of art delivered to your loved one’s door each month for a year. Applewood, Alder Smoked, Maple and Alder Smoked, Peppered, and more.

Mmmmm! What will they think of next?

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  1. Wonderful!!! My son and I both got a good laugh….and picked out what we want!

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Now all you need is a refrigerated stocking to stuff it in!

  2. My sister got this for me last Xmas. It is bacon nirvana and I will owe her for eternity.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Glad to hear it was as good as it sounded. Wish my sister would do likewise.

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