Well, well, well…the light finally dawns upon them that supersized soda pop is a major player in the development of obesity.

Will wonders never cease?

Witness an article entitled “Scientists in Food Fight over Soda” that appeared today on CNNs website. Groundbreaking news, for sure. After all, it’s only been six and a half years since we postulated in our Protein Power LifePlanthat, at least in part, insulin resistance with all its attendant health woes–including obesity–was likely causally linked to excessive fructose consumption. Those connections were pretty clearly spelled out in both the animal and the human research literature before the dawn of the new millennium.

And the parallels drawn by some between Big Tobacco and Big Soda are, to my eye, not all that far-fetched. Take a look at how the two compare:

Addictive product? Check, check.
Health damaging product? Check, check.
Product laced with known addictive agents? Check, check.
Targeted at kids? Check, check.
Industry spokespersons deny all such claims? Check, check.

Liquid crack with a pop top, if you ask me. But you make the call.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road in say 15-20 years we discover soda pop is dangerous. The tabacoo and cigarette industry is a very obvious parrallel to this situation. Makes you indeed wonder.

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