May 8

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I received a political quiz from a friend of mine a few days ago. It seemed kind of simplistic, but I took it just for grins. It pegged me perfectly. I then gave it to a bunch of people I know, and it nailed all of them spot on. Then, just for the heck of it, I tried answering the questions as I imagined other friends, whom I didn’t send the quiz to but who’s political leanings I knew, would have answered and it got them right on the money.
So, click here to try it and see where you fall in the political spectrum. Or at least where this quiz tells you you fit.
In case you’re interested, I tested out as a full libertarian. As libertarian as one can possibly be, in fact. Since the test is on a libertarian website, I figured that maybe any way one answered the question would peg them as libertarian, but such is not the case since no one (other than yours truly) scored as a libertarian. As I mentioned above, every friend I had take the test came ended up with an accurate labeling of his or her actual political affiliation. The only one who didn’t was a friend who was an extreme liberal a few years ago, but had a close encounter with the so-called “axis of evil” on 9/11. Since his experience he has become, in my view, an extreme conservative, but the test identified him as a centrist.
You can probably take the info that I scored as an extreme libertarian and deconstruct or reverse engineer the quiz and figure out exactly how I answered all the questions.
Have fun. I would be interested to learn how accurate you think this quiz is in terms of your own political beliefs. You don’t have to reveal how you really feel, just drop me a comment telling me if you think the quiz is accurate.

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  1. Centrist, which I’d say is pretty much the case. I’ve been known to describe myself as a conservative liberal or liberal conservative (take your pick.) For what it’s worth, my red dot fell in the libertarian corner of the centrist box.

  2. Centrist. I come out centrist on every political quiz. Quite frightening since most people think I’m conservative. The thing is, I’m only conservative in religious matters.

  3. The red dot placed me at the “t” in libertarian. Odd, considering how many times I answered “maybe”.

  4. I havent taken the test lately, but last time, I came out close to Ghandi, extreme libertarian and a couple of clicks to the left.

  5. Whoops! I just checked the link. I was guessing that you were linked to political, you were not.
    I don’t know what is up with the Polical Compass, I visted it two weeks ago, but now it is apparently down. Google has a cache from May 3rd. I have known about the site for over 4 years, very surprised that it is down now. And on my recent visit, the site had been updated.
    The site had a six page questionaire and measures people on two axis, the first, authoritarian-zero-libertarian. The second axis, left,zero,right. The axis were plotted by differences from the center(zero).
    You can not expect much information with only 10 questions. site does not offer enough information to understand politcal positions. And I strongly suspect that it does not recognize the left leaning libertarian. My reason for feeling so is that mapped me 8 clicks from center, libertarian and two clicks left(very close to Ghandi). So I am 4 times as strong libertarian as I am lefty. I should add up to a libertarian, but I did not-so I am unimpressed with the test. Political compass had a 6 page questionaire, with answers graduated in strength from (as I remember)
    1. Strongly agree
    2. Agree
    3. Neutral
    4. Disagree
    5. Strongly Disagree
    With 6 pages of questions sliced 5 ways, political compass has enough data to map a persons political views. Hitler was close to center on the left-right axis, but unsurprisingly had a high authoritarian score.
    I am disappointed that Political Compass is not up at the moment. Using two axis to explain politics is more useful than the old “left vs right” map. Many right wingers and lefties are authoritarian – and for a libertarian like me they are anathema. And I imagine that authoritarians are offended by libertarian ideas. But the differences between authoritarians and libertarians are hardly ever discussed. And a label like liberal or conservative doesnt mean much unless it is quantified. Most of us are at the center and the division between left and right is meaningless. There is not enough difference to prevent bipartisan negotiation from coming up with a solution that will satisfy most.

  6. I find it surprising that you hadn’t heard of this quiz…it’s been pretty famous for at least a dozen years.
    On the other hand, I am surprised to see that it’s been changed. It once had, for example, a question about a society having the right to control its borders. I’m pretty sure it did, because I’m torn on that question and it’s the one which kept me from scoring purely libertarian.
    I suspect that, and one other, question were removed because this did indeed make it easier to score libertarian on the test. Those two (I don’t recall the other, but am pretty sure another is missing) were more arguable than the rest, from a libertarian perspective.

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  7. It missed pretty badly on me – put me as a statist, and when I read it just about none of it fit my beliefs or voting record. But I did agree with some restrictions on free speech, on the theory that some of what is being said is so repulsive. I was thinking in particular of the sites that promote anorexia, child porn, bestiality, etc. So maybe that is what caused it.

  8. I came out as a liberal which is how I would classify myself and I think the test was quite accurate as I agree with their descriptions. I move away from the libertarians on issues such as environmental protections and help for disadavantaged people. I do not always agree with just how these things are done but I agree with the concept and particularly agree with the endangered species act. We shoud not knowingly exterminate the last surviviors of a species. Humans have wreaked enough havoc on the earth that we could exterminate ourselves if we do not control it. There are good reaons to control the worst excesses of individuals and organizations.

  9. Liberal. The right has made this term a dirty word. Given the current political scandals, I’m happy to say that I scored to the left.
    I took another longer quiz a while back, and scored ‘Left Libertarian’ which is probably more descriptive of my views in general.

  10. I found the questions to be quite leading and somewhat limited. I came out Libertatian leaning to conservative, though I feel I lean more to the left.

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