December 22

National sweet tooth


This from USA Today. Does anyone wonder why obesity isn’t going away?

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  1. ” ‘Many folks have a sweet tooth after pizza,’ says Catherine Hull, Papa John’s marketing chief. ‘There’s an “I-deserve-this” kind of feeling.’ ”
    And that’s what’s wrong. I’ve said it, I’ve heard other people say it–“I’ve been good all week, I deserve (insert favorite sugar bomb here).
    I would, however, like to confess that I just downed a decent-sized portion of boiled custard (basically eggless eggnog) which, if I could have been bothered, I probably could have easily made myself and low-carbed it rather than cheating and buying the HFCS version from the supermarket. But then again I’ve been good, so I deserved it. 😉
    Merry Xmas to all!

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