March 15

Men stare where?


According to a recent report men evaluated with eye-tracking technology tend to spend time staring at the crotches of women, other men, and (gulp) even animals.

The Online Journalism Review reports on Jakob Nielsen’s use of an eye-tracker to look at how different people read the Web — particularly news. There are lots of interesting findings, but the best is the revelation that men fixate on any visible genital areas in photos — even animals’ crotches come in for a good eyeballing.


Although both men and women look at the image of George Brett when directed to find out information about his sport and position, men tend to focus on private anatomy as well as the face. For the women, the face is the only place they viewed.

As far as I’m concerned the moral of this distasteful story is if you’re a man, don’t get anywhere near an eye-tracking device, especially if there are animals in the vicinity.

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  1. This is just tooooo funny! I always thought men were looking somewhere below my neck! I wonder if it’s something like an unconscious male competitor assessment thing. I’d love to know what a classical Freudian would make of this.
    Since I’m not a classical Freudian, I can’t tell you.

  2. Well, I’d be looking at the butt too.
    Love to see this with a woman being who they were looking at!
    Hi Cindy–
    I hadn’t thought of that.  Maybe they should’ve shown Brett from the back, too.

  3. Of course I had to send this to all my guy friends. What a curse, to have to check out the package of every living thing.
    As Elaine said – i don’t know how you guys walk around sometimes.
    It’s tough being us, but somebody has got to do it. 

  4. reputedly a woman on a test in which femmes levels were bumped up to the same level of testosterone as an average man said…….. ‘Oh my god, can’t you stop it, i can’t stop thinking about sex’.

  5. For the women, the face is the only place they viewed…quote
    Some women, perhaps, but not this woman. I am a dedicated crotch watcher and wildly proud of it. What other reason is there to watch sports?
    Hi Marly–
    You can get by saying that. We other gendered folks have a little more difficulty admitting it without being considered dirty old men or worse.  It’s good to see a female with your outlook.  I’ve often suspected that MD is the huge football fan that she is because she likes the tight ends. 

  6. I just read Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s account of his living with the Inuit for a period of time. He notes that they have no degenerative diseases but says that they die at early ages. At first I thought this is from starvation/accidents but then he says that Inuit women “usually seem as old at sixty as our women do at eighty”. What could be the cause of this?
    Link at “”
    Hi Nick–
    The Stefansson tales of premature aging of the Eskimos are anecdotal at best.  I don’t know how the Eskimos living far from the reaches of modern civilization determined age.  These 60 year old women could have been 70 or 80 for all we know.  Many primitive peoples bestow great honor upon those who live to advanced ages.  Many anthropologists have figured out that as a result many of these people vastly overstate their ages for the benefits that accrue to the aged.
    Assuming just for the sake of argument that these women who looked 80 were actually 60, what could have caused it.  And what would cause Eskimos to live shorter lives?  I would guess that it would be the large amount of omega-3 that they ate would cause an increase polyunsaturated fats in their cell and mitochondrial membranes, making them exceedingly prone to free radical damage.  Since, according to most anti-aging theorists, aging is an accumulation of free radical damage, then you would have to figure that the Eskimos had more free radical damage than most, and would therefor live shorter lives.

  7. Well, I do love well-turned arms and legs on a man so I don’t think it’s any mystery that basketball with it’s skimpier uniforms is my sport of choice. That, and the fact that basketball players aren’t so over-muscled and beefy looking.
    As for the study, I think that explains my ex-boyfriend. It was his total lack of discretion among other things that ended up getting him kicked to the curb. Not that I don’t think hubby looks, he’s just not a jerk about it.
    Hi Esther–
    I look plenty and MD hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet, so I guess I’m not too obnoxious about it.

  8. I’ve never wanted to admit this to anyone, but I’ve been known to secretly sniff at the bottom of fire hydrants and phone poles and lift my leg…
    I haven’t gone that far… 

  9. Sir just a super quickie.
    Did you once post that your carb intake is roughly 80gms per day give or take the odd gram ?
    Hi Simon–
    If I did, I don’t remember it.  My carb intake is more in the range of 30-50 grams per day with some wild upwards fluctuations from time to time.

  10. I remember reading and article somewhere that mentioned autopsies of pre-contact Eskimo women. They found a lot of tar buildup in their lungs from the oil lamps used for lighting and heating food. That might be why they aged faster, if it that were true.
    Could be, I suppose.  Smoking doesn’t help the modern woman very much.

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