Who knew? But I am always more than willing to join in the celebration of an important national holiday! The origins of this obscure festival are unclear (possibly occasioned by the consumption of too many of the star concoctions) but its existence was verified by the BevX.com newsletter weekly update that landed in my inbox.

Singled out in this week-long tequila fest, is the actual National Margarita Day, February 22, which means that our nation’s founding father, George Washington shares his birthday with Mexico’s greatest (or at least most famous) contribution to the cocktail lexicon.

So what better time to enjoy a tasty adult libation…or two? Easy to pimp lower carb for a SplendaRita (or if you prefer SteviaRita) by simply replacing half the Cointreau with water plus a packet of sweetener. (Or if you’re really keeping a tight rein on carbs and can’t even spare enough for the lime juice and tablespoon of liqueur, go for the No Carb mix version.)

Have a safe and sane National Margarita Week!


  1. ‘Round here, it’s national margarita year! Just a splash of cointreau and some lime juice does the trick. Judging by the scales, the carbs aren’t enough to worry about. Even when I have a second… or fifth…

  2. Love margaritas, but have never enjoyed those made with neon-green sour mix- even before going low carb. I recently discovered “skinny margaritas” made at a Mexican restaurant near me (which also has a Paleo menu!) The margs are simply made with a shot of good tequila, lime juice, and club soda or seltzer. Delicious.

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