June 13

I'm not surprised, what with Super Sizing and all


A researcher presented data at the recent Experimental Biology meeting showing that soft drinks have eclipsed white bread as the single greatest source of calories in the American diet. Think about this for a minute…the single “food” that provides the greatest number of calories to the average American is soft drinks. More than meat, more than milk, more calories than any other food. And since neither my wife nor I ever (never, in fact) drink soft drinks, that means that two other Americans are drinking our share. Is it any wonder Americans (especially kids) are obese and diabetic?
Pure wheat starch from white bread was bad enough; the high-fructose corn syrup in soft drinks is a disaster. And remember, the soft drinks didn’t replace the white bread in the diet, it only surpassed it on the list. Believe me, folks are still eating plenty of white bread. MMMmmm, white bread washed down with a Coke. Don’t laugh, someone out there is doing it.

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  1. Soft drinks may soon be dethroned from their #1 position if the growth of sugar loaded coffee drinks continues at their current pace. I am referring to drinks such as the extra large, triple caramel machiattos with 200 grams of carbs that have displaced the milkshake as the favorite drink of teenagers. It’s fascinating watching ‘health conscious’ school kids line up 10 deep in coffee chains to order these drinks with a request to “hold the whip cream topping.
    It’s pitiful.

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