December 14

Blog horrendous nightmare


The server that hosts my and MD’s blogs crashed about a week and a half ago, and neither of us has been able to post since. This crash was the second on this server; the first was back in August at which point I was assured that the problem was solved. The current crash was even more of a disaster since a bunch of stuff was irretrievably lost including ALL the comments that had ever been posted. So, if you posted a comment some time in the past, it’s history.
It’s particularly annoying to have something like this happen for many reasons, not the least of which is that I couldn’t even get on and let folks know what was happening so they wouldn’t think that I had just taken a powder.
I’ve got a social engagement tonight that my lovely wife arranged for us and tomorrow we fly all day to visit the kids and grand kids for a few days. I probably won’t get the chance to post again until Friday, but then I should be back in action.
Sorry for any frustration this has caused among the readership. I can assure you that it doesn’t compare to the frustration running rampant among the writership.

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