October 27

Back in the saddle


MD and I are finally back from a seemingly never-ending bout of travel.  Revolutionizing the world is a lot tougher job than I had been led to expect.  Due to my duties, I’ve been dilatory about this blog while we’ve been gone hither and there.  I’ll be back at my desk tomorrow slaving over another brilliant post.  If your comment has been languishing in ‘awaiting moderation’ purgatory, I’ll get to it tomorrow as well.  Thanks for continuing to check in.

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  1. “Revolutionizing the world is a lot tougher job than I had been led to expect”
    Feel free to use it any time…with proper attribution, of course. 🙂

  2. Your Blogs have become more addictive than carbs for me. Just to avoid
    ‘cold turkey’, I went through all the old posts. Great to have you back.

  3. We are all wishing You the best and are looking forward to hear more about this forthcoming global revolution.
    Per Wikholm, author and Swedish low carber

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