January 19

A great use for junk food


If you ever find yourself in the wilderness. freezing to death, with nothing but junk food in your knapsack, don’t despair. You can use it to start a fire. I’ve always though junk food was useless–this video has made me change my mind. I might just save your life. Whatever you do, though, don’t eat it.

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  1. Sir ..this is what meds Pal takes..any suggestions ref her still elevated insulin ?
    You’re the man as they say..somewhere in the world.
    Glucose Fasting = 4.6
    Insuliln Fasting = 119.0
    Androstenedione = 8.6
    Testosterone = 1.3
    SHBG = >180
    eGFR = 90
    Triglyceride = 2.62
    Ferritin = 39 (on homeopathic stuff for this)
    So these are my current result details. Once again, I am have yet to take any insulin resistance meds. The only meds I was on was Euflex (40 mg daily) and now birth control and Novo Nadolol (40 mg daily) for my migraines.
    Hi Simon–
    First, I can’t diagnose and recommend over the internet.  Were I to make recommendations on this set of labwork I would be inundated with lab reports from people wanting me to look them over, and I just can’t do it for all kinds of reasons.  Sorry.
    Having said that, I’m totally bewildered as to why a female would be taking an anti-prostate cancer drug along with birth control pills.

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