November 19

Will trade sex for weight loss


The latest diet book making the rounds is The Ultimate Sex Diet. The author, Kerry McCloskey, who is the director of marketing at a large media company, pointed out the benefits of her robust sex life to Oprah:

A half-hour of sex burns about 200 calories. My husband and I have sex about eight times per week. You do the math.

I am contemplating trying to get NIH funding for a study on this very subject. I will have the study group have sex eight times per week while following a low-carb diet; the control group will do it eight times per week on a high-carb diet. We’ll see which group loses the most weight.
Any volunteers?

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  1. yep I’ll be in that – as long as I’m in the low carb group. My husband would forever be grateful to you!!!!!
    PS I’m an Aussie!
    Hi Lynne–
    As soon as I get my funding, I’ll give you a call.

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