November 27

The soul of a regulator


This quote from George W. Bush provides a glimpse into the mindset of politicians and regulators:

We have a responsibility that when somebody hurts, government has got to move.

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  1. And may I ask, with whose money? This man has given the biggest tax breaks in history to the top 1% and corporations, DURING WARTIME. No other civilization has ever done that on any continent or in any era. He has borrowed heavily from China, Japan and the EU, making the US the largest debtor nation on the planet. We owe China alone some 600 BILLION dollars.
    I believe in a social safety net done with frugality and citizen oversight. Every facet of society has to do their part- corporations, the ultra rich, the average taxpayer, etc.
    This borrow and spend President has ruined the economic health of this country, and our grandchildren and their grandchildren will be paying for it.
    Hey LCforevah–
    Don’t hold back.  Tell it like it is!

  2. Doctor Eades, your comments and photo are like a rorschach test. I have a reaction but am unsure if we are on the same page. I know I agree with you about government regulation of foods. But I don’t know exactly what you are saying here.
    My reactions to the photo and text are – First thing I think of is Katrina and the incompetetent federal reaction. Second thing is President Bush looking into Premier Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul. Some libertarians believe that government by definition is incompetent. And other libertarians, myself included, think that government can and should be competent. Because some problems are not resolved by market forces.
    Hi David–
    I think there is a place for government.  And I think government should be competent.  Unfortunately, over the years government has become more intrusive and less competent.  I’ve always found that the most competent people who get into the government end up in the branches of government that hassle and screw us, whereas the least competent make their way into the branches of government that are supposed to be helping us.  For example, contrast the experience you had the last time you had an interaction with someone from the I.R.S. to the last time you tried to get information from the Social Security Administration.

  3. What a line of bulls**t!! As long as the hurting people are wealthy and white.
    Hi David–
    I don’t necessarily agree that Bush is only concerned about the white and the wealthy; I’m sure he’s concerned about others as well.  Where I disagree is that I don’t necessarily think it is government’s job to make the hurt go away for anyone, black, white, yellow, or green.  I’m not a believer in a nanny state irrespective of who benefits.

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