March 11

The beauty of bugs on a windshield


When you see bugs smashed on your windshield beauty probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. However if you could see them up close and personal through a microscope you might have a different perspective.
Here are a number of photo-micrographs for your viewing pleasure. These pictures, although beautiful, may cause vegetarians to give up driving forever. Even non-vegetarians may never look at a bug on a windshield the same.
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  1. Do you know the last thing that goes through a bugs mind after he hits your windshield?
    His butt!
    These pictures prove it.

  2. I LOVE those bugs! Nos 1,2, and 3 look like ballet dancers in poses for the Dying Swan, no 4 looks like he’s crossing a few legs getting ready for a smoke, and no 5 looks like an odalisque by Matisse.
    Hmmm.  Looks like these photo micrographs could be the basis for the dead bug Rorschach test. 

  3. too bad you didn’t have one of those “For Every Animal…” teeshirts for the Expo. You may have seen a few “Steven, the vegans” chasing you.
    Wouldn’t that have been fun?

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