August 1

More on Atkins bankruptcy


Another report on the Atkins bankruptcy that I think misses the mark.

Certainly, condemnation from some medical professionals concerned about the lack of emphasis on fruit and vegetables, and the potential for high-fat diet choices didn’t help.

But perhaps the most significant of the factors conspiring against Atkins was the advent of the low-glycemic approach to weight loss, which does not outlaw carbs altogether but places more emphasis on slow-release carbs like oats and whole grains, instead of fast-release carbs such as white bread, refined breakfast cereals, and concentrated sugars, which cause blood sugar levels to spike.

I don’t really think that the move to more of a glycemic index approach is the reason for its demise. Neither do I believe it was hastened by the harping of ignorant medical professionals as to the “dangers” of low-carb diets. I believe it is that the true core low-carb dieters rejected all the expensive, barely palatable junk food and stuck with their traditional low-carb whole food diet.

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