March 16

For the man (or woman) who has everything


Built for a school project using Legos, a pair of scissors, and some scrap metal. I suppose it could make life easier for some.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I just bought a 50 pound lot of Legos. Maybe I need to make one of those? How lazy can I possibly get? No, I prefer Castles and my kids prefer fun. We can rip off our own toilet paper, and save the Legos for battleships and gardens. Though, If I could make those Legos perform a morning “grinding & brewing” coffee routine, I’m in!
    Me, too.  Especially if I could design them to make my Americano!

  2. To this frugal eye, that seems like an awful big wad of TP. Perhaps the user isn’t getting adequate fiber, protein and fat from his diet?
    Hi Max–
    Probably not.

  3. Heh, that’s pretty clever. I’d prefer one that could clean my bathroom.
    Watching the amount of paper being wound on the second go had me wondering just how long it would be before you’d have to call out Mr. Rooter to unclog your sewer pipe.

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