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I ran across the video below a couple of months ago and found it to be fascinating. It’s incredible what can be done with a camera, some music and a little creativity. All of which would have gone unnoticed and undisseminated had there been no YouTube. In my opinion, the guys who came up with YouTube deserve every dollar they made on it.
This video despite its simplicity is remarkably calming and almost mesmerizing (to me at least). It’s wonderfully well done. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Hat tip to SayNotoCrack


  1. Great video.
    Doctor Eades, what do you think about the new evidence for a link between metabolic syndrome and diet soda?
    NYT: Symptoms: Metabolic Syndrome Is Tied to Diet Soda
    …surprisingly, the risk of developing metabolic syndrome was 34 percent higher among those who drank one can of diet soda a day compared with those who drank none.
    (I’ve often had the sense that diet sodas were affecting my body as badly as the HFCS kind, but discounted the feeling.)

    I can’t comment on it yet because I haven’t read the paper. But, it is only one paper and is an observational study at that. And we can’t draw conclusions about causality from observational studies.

  2. Cool video. What fun it would be to watch the different patterns of flight from different designs flown from a high rise in a big city.
    Bob, Could be (and my casual observations of people I’ve known seem to indicate) that people who have undiagnosed or “pre”metabolic syndrome tend to drink more diet soda, i.e. those who are struggling with weight issues. So drinking diet soda would be a sign of someone trying to deal with existing metabolic issues and not necessarily a cause of the issues.

  3. (BTW, I’m a different ‘Bob’ than the original poster!)
    As far as diet soda goes, the times where I’ve put on a lot of weight VERY quickly (On separate occasions around 40+ lbs in 4-6 weeks. I wish I could LOSE weight as fast!) I was drinking A LOT of diet soda daily. I don’t know if that’s a cause or an effect, or if both are consequences of some other factor, or they’re completely unrelated. Take it for what it’s worth.
    I also have a much easier time losing weight when I drink tea (hot green tea, usually with berry essence or pomegranate or something, and a pinch of sweet-n-low) instead of coffee (again with sweet-n-low, sometimes with a touch of heavy cream). I’ve talked to some people for whom it’s the opposite. Who knows.
    Now I try to stay away from ALL soda’s, diet or regular, with the occasional ‘lapse.’ But I still switch off and on with the coffee/tea! 😉

  4. Dr. Eades,
    I’m curious if you have read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and what you think about it. Is it possible to limit animal protein intake as the book suggests and still maintain a healthy low carb diet?
    I don’t think so. If you limit animal protein, you’re going to have to limit animal fat, which leaves you with non-animal fat, i.e., vegetable fat. A diet high in vegetable fat would be far from healthful in my estimation. I suppose you could use coconut, palm and palm kernel fats, but it hardly seems worth it.

  5. Wouldn’t the video would have been a better metaphor for life, if the paper airplane had caused a traffic accident, when it finally reached the street?
    Just askin’.

  6. A.J.
    I’d suggest doing some research on the China Study, both the actual study AND the book by T. Colin Campbell. Some reviewers, such as at the Weston A. Price foundation, have shown that not only do the authors make conclusions that aren’t warranted by the actual study, they actually gloss over and mis-represent much of the data in their zeal to promote a vegan lifestyle.
    Just a suggestion.

  7. Hey Dr. Mike,
    Couldn’t see how to send you a link. Was wondering if you had any comment on Dr. Jarvik, the statin shill and crypt keeper stand in using a double for the exercise portion of his statin ad?
    Hey Max–
    Great link. I hadn’t seen this. I haven’t been keeping up with my normal reading schedule thanks to other commitments, so I’ve been missing a lot.
    It’s hilarious that Jarvik had a double for the exercise part. And how about the $1.3+ million to do the ad? If figured he got paid for it, but I didn’t realize it was that much.
    The plot thickens.

  8. Dr. Eades,
    I don’t know if you saw this story yet, but I thought it was interesting. It reminded me of some of the things in Gary Taubes’ book.
    I wonder if her doctors are telling her that she’s just not trying hard enough.
    Thanks for the link. Looks like this little girl certainly has a metabolic advantage.

  9. Kind of amazing, it does 3 loops (maybe cause left wing was bigger?) and makes a nice landing. I wonder how many palnes they through out the window to get such a smooth flight.

  10. a bit off topic,
    myself being a low carber, I wonder how to manage my child’s (2yo) feeding to offer her the best plan possible.
    Now I just let her eat what he wants (ofc I preselect stuff) but I am curious about how your own kids (and grandchildren if you had any influence on their feeding) were treated in this aspect
    We fed our own kids the same stuff we ate. They complained bitterly about it but pretty much hew to the low-carb way as adults. The two who have children of their own limit the amount of carbs their kids get. It’s a tough row to hoe, but it pays off in the end.

  11. I’m dissappointed; when I clicked on it, nothing happened.
    I just tried it, and it works fine. Make sure you’re clicking on the YouTube video at the bottom and not the picture of the paper airplane at the top of the post.

  12. I don’t really know where to ask you this, but considering this is the last post I thought you would have the best chance of seeing it. But feel free to move it to where it would be appropriate
    I read your book after seeing it on the recommended books from the best-selling author Tim Ferriss on his website regarding his diet. He claims he gained 34lbs of muscle in 28 days. Is that possible without steroids like he says? The reason I bought your book was I was hoping to get some insight — and I did learn a lot — but now I am beginning to think that wasn’t even possible. I mean, he looks 10 years older in his “after” picture.
    Here is the link to his “experiment”.
    I would like to try to replicate it.
    Thanks Doctor Eades.
    Hi Alex–
    As far as I know Tim is a pretty upfront guy. I don’t think he would lie about this. He is a young guy, which makes it a whole lot easier than if we were, say, 60. But it can be done. I don’t see any problem in giving it a try.

  13. > I wonder how many planes they through out the window to get such a smooth flight.
    Certainly a lot. When I was a student I lived on the 17th floor in one of the highest buildings of Metz (France) we threw a lot of paper planes and had only 1 in 5 fly so smoothly. I even had once a case, absolutely unique and nobody believed me but I know what I saw. The paper plan made an incredibly straight flight, almost no deviation from a beautiful line, it went stuck in the tree placed at the building across.
    Here on google maps,+1+rue+charles+nauroy&sll=49.148226,6.166162&sspn=0.020688,0.059052&ie=UTF8&ll=49.136038,6.162981&spn=0.002587,0.007381&t=h&z=18&om=0
    you can see where the 17 story building stood (the cranes are still visible) and the plane flew to the large building to the north. That’s approximately 500ft.

  14. Very funny until you read the comments below the article. Here is part of one:
    “This is absurd, not only is he a real doctor, but he is an expert on statin research. Statins are not controversial to anyone in the medical establishment, the fact is they lower your cholesterol and lower your risk of atherosclerosis and resultant MI. I am a medical student and find absolutely no problem with this ad. Look, the people on the herpes commercial probably don’t have herpes, and certainly don’t have medical degrees, but people don’t get up in arms about them. Dr. Jarvik is an expert in the area he is endorsing. Who cares if patients go to their doctor and say “oh, I saw the Lipitor commercial doc, could this drug work for me?” It will only accomplish 2 things 1)increased awarenes and discussion and evaluation of hypercholesterolemia and 2)the physician prescribing a drug he sees fit.”
    Figured you’d be happy to know that statins aren’t controversial to anyone in the medical establishment! Maybe establishment is the key word.
    Looks like we’re training up a whole new generation of statinators.

  15. Mr. Eades,
    I posted a question on here a few days ago about that “geek to freak” weight gain and saw that it was waiting to be moderated, but now I don’t see it.
    Like I said I couldn’t really find a great spot to ask you about that, so I thought your blog would be OK. I realize it’s not really relevant to this blog, so would there be a better place to ask you about that? Should I email the question somewhere?
    I understand you have a lot on your hands and if this isn’t something you can answer for free I am willing to pay you. The thing is that I want to try and replicate what he did, but I don’t want to waste my time if it’s not possible.
    Hey Alex–
    As I wrote in a previous post, I’m trying to get away from spending time answering comments. When I get a comment such as yours, I have to go to the relevant website (or journal article or news video or whatever link was sent), read it, figure out what it’s all about, so I can then answer the comment intelligently. All this takes time, a lot of time, and right now I’m head down working on a book manuscript. So when I get comments that aren’t really comments, but that are asking me a question that takes a fair amount of time to answer, I keep pushing it to the back of the line until I get the time to get to it. The other alternative is to simply post the comment without my response. Which would you prefer?

  16. Dr.
    I actually really appreciate and respect that you take the time to do this. I didn’t see that you had answered my question when I made the second comment, or that it was still waiting to be moderated. I wasn’t meaning to sound impatient in any way, sorry if it did.
    Best of luck with the book.
    Hey Alex–
    No problem. I’ve got to figure out a better way to deal with all the comments/questions in a timely fashion.
    Thanks for your patience.

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