July 14

Blackberrying between Rome and Florence


I’m on a bus right now with a hundred other people traveling from Rome to Florence – not my favorite way to travel. But, I love my wife, so here I am. The last time I made this drive it was in an Alfa Romeo 156 that MD and I had rented and were driving from Positano. The small Alfa was a lot more fun. But I wouldn’t have been able to post on my Blackberry while at the wheel of the Alfa.

I haven’t responded to comments in a while because MD’s hectic concert schedule has started AND because I got tired of paying $30 per day for internet access. I’ll get caught up when we get to the hotel in Florence.

MD’s group sang at a mass in the Vatican at St. Peters at 5 o’clock yesterday. It was pretty spectacular – I took photos that I will post as soon as I get real internet access again.

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