August 7

A poorly placed pair of ads


Nice juxtaposition of ads, eh?
To see some more less than optimally placed ads, click here.

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  1. Now I know why Yanni and Linda Evans broke up-his breasts are larger than hers. Very funny ad placement.
    As for the demure Ms. Hilton, my son better not bring her home.

  2. With all the lousy diet advice and policies out there for “our” overweight kids, and the increasing focus on childhood obesity, I predict a huge increase in kids with really screwed-up eating habits/disorders in the next few years. Frightening, sad, maddening, and absolutely unnecessary. But now that that train has left the station, I don’t think it’s stopable.
    I share your concern.
    Let’s hope the train is somehow stoppable or we’re all in real trouble down the track.

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